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May 3, 2006
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Does abortion "liberate" women and free them from "male oppression?" Does it give

them "control" over their bodies and lives as some feminists promise? Or, has abortion hurt

women, bringing them pain, shame, guilt and regrets? They say that having an abortion is one of

the hardest things that a woman can ever do. If it is so hard and has so much guilt piled with it the

morality of it must be questionable. If there is need for guilt, for so willingly disposing of their

problem, then they must, themselves question its goodness. Its goodness, There is none. As

Mother Teresa said, "The greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion, which is war against the

child. The mother doesn't learn to love, but kills to solve her own problems. Any country that

accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want."  

The means of abortion are violent; indeed the means of destroying life are as brutal and disgusting

as ever. There are special types of death designed for each stage of the baby’s development.

According to Wikipedia, “An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy associated with

the discharge of an embryo or a fetus.” That is, to put it simply, throughout the pregnancy there is

much developing and growing, at different stages different types of abortions are performed.  At

twelve weeks a baby is surprisingly developed. By the end of the third month all arteries are

present, including the coronary vessels of the heart. Blood is circulating through these vessels to all

parts of the body. The heart beat ranges during this fetal period from one hundred-ten to one

hundred and sixty beats per minute. All blood cells are produced by the baby’s functioning liver and

spleen, a job that is soon taken over by the bone marrow. White blood cells, important for

immunity, are formed in the baby’s functioning lymph nodes and thymus. Vocal chords are

complete. The brain is fully formed, and the child can feel pain. The fetus may even suck its thumb.

The eyelids now cover the eyes, and will remain shut until the seventh month to protect the delicate

optical nerve fibers. Suction Aspiration is the most common method of abortion during the first

twelve weeks of pregnancy. General or local anesthesia is given to the mother and her cervix is

quickly dilated. A suction curette (hollow tube with a knife-edged tip) is inserted into the womb. This

instrument is then connected to a vacuum machine by a transparent tube. The vacuum suction is,

twenty-nine times more powerful than a household vacuum cleaner, it tears the fetus and placenta

into small pieces which are sucked through the tube into a bottle and discarded. Another common

form of abortion at the twelve week period is Dilation and Curettage. This method is similar to the

suction method with the added insertion of a hook shaped knife (curette) which cuts the baby into

pieces. The pieces are scraped out through the cervix and discarded (Abortion Methods). Another

budding life is destroyed.

At sixteen weeks the fetus is about five and a half inches long and only six ounces in

weight, eyebrows, eyelashes and fine hair appear. The child can grasp with his hands, kick, or even

somersault. The baby's nails are well formed. The ears have also moved from the neck to the

head. The baby is emptying his or her bladder every forty to forty-five minutes. The limb

movements are becoming more coordinated. The gender may be detectable by ultrasound. There

are two types of removal used at this stage of life. Salt poisoning (saline injection) is used after the

sixteen week period (four months) when enough fluid has accumulated. A long needle injects a

strong salt solution through the mother's abdomen into the baby's sac. The baby swallows this fluid

and is poisoned by it. It also acts as a corrosive, burning off the outer layer of skin. It normally

takes somewhat over an hour for the baby to die from this. Within twenty-four hours, labor will

usually set in and the mother will give birth to a dead or dying baby. There have been many cases

of these babies being born alive. They are usually left unattended to die, however, a few have

survived and later been adopted. More wanton murder is accomplished (Abortion Facts). By

eighteen weeks the baby reaches many new milestones.

At eighteen weeks the fetus is now about five inches long. The child blinks, grasps, and

moves its mouth and hair grows on the head and body. The baby is growing rapidly, it weighs

about seven ounces. The bones are continuing the ossification process. The pads of the fingers and

toes are formed and the fingerprints are developing as well. Dilation and Evacuation is a form of

removal used up to eighteen weeks' gestation. Instead of the loop-shaped knife used in D&C

abortions, a pair of forceps is inserted into the womb to grasp part of the fetus. The teeth of the

forceps twist and tear the bones of the unborn child. This process is repeated until the fetus is

totally dismembered and removed. Usually the spine must be snapped and the skull crushed in

order to remove them. Prostaglandin chemical abortion is another one performed at the eighteen

week stage. This form of abortion uses chemicals developed by the Upjohn Pharmaceutical Co.

which cause the uterus to contract intensely, pushing out the developing baby. The contractions are

more violent than normal, natural contractions, so the unborn baby is frequently killed by them,

some have even been decapitated. Many, however, have also been born alive (Abortion Facts). A

baby at thirty six weeks can live on its own upon delivery.

At thirty-one through forty weeks the baby's irises can now dilate and contract in

response to light. Due to the deposits of white fat underneath the skin the baby's skin is no longer

red but pink. The finger nails may reach the end of the hands. Baby is continuing to get bigger! The

baby is practicing breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid. Sometimes the baby will even get hiccups. At

forty weeks the baby is snuggled against the pelvis and ready to come. Hysterectomy or cesarean

section abortions are used in these late term abortions. Used mainly in the last three months of

pregnancy, the womb is entered by surgery through the wall of the abdomen. The technique is

similar to a Caesarean delivery, except that the umbilical cord is usually cut while the baby is still in

the womb, thus cutting off his oxygen supply and causing it to suffocate. Sometimes the baby is

removed alive and simply left in a corner to die of neglect or exposure. There is also the partial

birth abortion; guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby's legs with forceps and it is

pulled out into the birth canal. The abortionist delivers the baby's entire body, except for the head;

scissors are jammed into the baby's skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the skull. The

scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child's brain is sucked out, causing the

skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed (Abortion Facts). Should abortion really be a

choice? A question; has morality really slipped to the point that this sort of infant genocide is

considered acceptable? It is disgusting, disturbing, and wrong that abortion remain legal today. Is

that choice right?

Women should have the right to choose, but when they are no longer able to make

ethical, moral decisions for themselves that is when the law should step in and make it for them.

But the law has failed us. Pro-Choice is not for the well being of any one but those selfish enough to

destroy life to temporarily fix theirs or line their pockets with money.  As Sheri Dew said, “While a

woman should have her agency to choose if she wishes to have a baby once the baby has been

conceived, the choice has been made” (Page, 96). The choice to conceive or not is the only choice

a woman should have concerning abortion. The realization has been made that there are some

cases where abortion should even be considered: incest rape or when the mother will die from

carrying out the pregnancy to full term. This does not mean that they need to reach up with forceps

and dismember the baby but rather that they should deliver the baby in a humane and give it

every possible chance for living instead of being cut up with no hope. Here are four choices where

one might consider abortion. Would you?  “(1) There’s a preacher and wife who are very, very,

poor. They already have 14 kids. Now she finds out she’s pregnant with number 15. They’re living

in tremendous poverty. Considering their poverty and the excessive world population, would you

consider recommending she get an abortion?  (2) The father is sick with syphilis, the mother has

TB. They have four children. The first is blind, the second is dead, the third is deaf, and the fourth

has TB. She finds she’s pregnant again. Given the extreme situation, would you consider

recommending abortion? (3) A white man raped a 13-year-old black girl, and she got pregnant. If

you were her parents, would you considering recommending abortion? (4) A teenage girl is

pregnant. She’s not married. Her fiancé is not the father of the baby, and he’s very upset. Would

you consider recommending abortion? In the first case, you have just killed John Wesley, one of

the great evangelists in the 19th century. In the second case, you have killed Beethoven. In the

third case, you have killed Ethel Waters, the great black gospel singer. If you said yes to the fourth

case, you have just declared the murder of Jesus Christ” (Abortion, Bible Center). Should the right

to choose come before everything?

Some think that the right to choose should come before everything. Aidan McArdle said

this in a survey, “I think it ought to be left up to the mother (and father). The option should be

there to have an abortion if they wish to, but only early in the pregnancy, i.e. before significant

development” (Survey). Some think that it is okay, that it is not murder, it is just a fetus not a

human child, and some think it is wrong, but put choice before morality.  Whatever the stance it is

hard to argue the morality of the action. It is the plain difference between good and evil, right and

wrong, white and black. Where there was a spark of life before there is none. There is no question

that abortion destroys. Our society has accepted abortion as part of life. To quote Mother Teresa

again, only to reiterate the valid point brought up by a very brilliant lady, "The greatest destroyer

of love and peace is abortion, which is war against the child. The mother doesn't learn to love, but

kills to solve her own problems. Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love,

but to use any violence to get what they want."   We as a society are teaching that it is acceptable

to murder to get out of our problems by any means possible.  The means of abortion are violent

and should be abolished. Adoption is a better way than murder to give up a baby; better for the

mother and child.
By pro-life member:

This is my term paper for English on pro-life, here my opinion is stated with out reserve, if you are offended I am sorry. In this paper are portrayed graphic images of how abortions are performed and at what stage. Abortion is wrong and should be prohibited. You do not need to agree for it is my opinion and every one is entitled to their own. But know that it is my opinion and is not being pushed upon you. You may comment if you wish, and you are welcome to.

The Picture That is the preview is NOT mine this photo was found at [link]

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Yes there are spaces in the URLs that is so that there will be no link.
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asherthecrimsonfox Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
This is amazing, It is painful to read, because of the good facts and information you have provided and your examples are perfects

IF a mother cannot care for their child, ADOPTION is always a great option
I have met so many families within 2 years that have adopted a child or two, and in turn i have gained friends and non-related new "family" members :)
adoptions have brought me close to people
Jenny345 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
I agree 100%.
Apple-Rose Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adoption is not a magical cure-all solution.
Digimon02 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
I can never understand how accepting life is evil to pro-abortionists
DragonOfEvil Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
You know whats 10,000,000,000 x worse than abortion? Child/animal/domestic/sexual/mental/emotional abuse! I really hope I don't have to explain why. I know you guys are pro-lifers and all, but you have to smart enough to know why those are so much more worse than abortion! I abortion is an overrated topic and gets waaaaay too much attention. 
Digimon02 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
It's all relative, all evil. Abortion goes one step further and actually kills. The only consolation is that they don't have to suffer what the abused have to suffer psychologically. But who's to say that if they were born that they would have to go through that?
DragonOfEvil Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
There are children and animals that have been beaten to death. Animals that have been starved to death or have had their skin rotting off due to mange. Have you heard of puppy mills? They are just as bad if not worse then the concentration camps during the holocaust! Puppy mills should be illegal! Factory farms should be illegal too. So don't tell me abortion takes it a step further.
Digimon02 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
So despise all human beings, then?
somebodyoranybody Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Whatever you do, you destroy a life. If you get an abortion, the baby isn't able to live. If the mother does not get an abortion but wants one, she is stuck with something she despises but still has to care for her whole life. So you kind of destroy her life. The second situation would result in psychological problems for both the mother, who is trying to love the child, because she is supposed to and the child  who  will feel that the mother does not like it completely and will have a hard time trusting strangers due to lack of basic trust.
If you ask me, this argument has no solution. Everybody should do what they think is right and no one should be forced to either abort their child or keep it.
Gae-ta Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
Yes, yes indeed, because a seed of potential is already a tree. 
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